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    Final project for Design course at Eseig-IPP, Portugal.
The Axe Man
Cutting tools for lovers.
This is my final project to the Design course at ESEIG-IPP, Porto.
Project to develop a kit for forest, mostly intended for an audience 'Do It Yourself' with the purpose of cutting and preparing wood, as well as for those who have a special admiration for the beauty of this type of objects. It includes an aex, a hatchet, a saw/machete and a carry bag of wood which, when empty, serves as a case for the tools. The distinction point of these pieces is the innovative design combined with a choice of fine materials and craftsmanship: cables in Afizélia wood, steel blades, bag and some protections in leather and coats in Newbaum's cotton tape.

Orange Newbaum's cotton strip which provides a comfortable and a very efficient grip as well as a certain class and elegance.
Leather strap designed to involve the user's wrist, carved in wood with a crossed wedge to the grain of the wood and glue.
The axe head ergonomic design well fits in the user's hand, and benefits all the tasks and the transportation of the tool.
The head of the axe is fixed with an umbrako screw, threaded in a methalic tube and inserted into the cable timber. It will prevents any movement of the two parts and supports the blade maintenance.
Carrying bag of wood already cut in leather with enforced seams hand made , all involved in a complete manual work. Handles in Afizélia wood.
When not used to carry wood, this carrying bag can also be a case for tools allowing a good arrengement and transportation.
The Axe Man at designboom.