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    DNA_Define New Ambitions Academic Project Communication Design ESAD 2012, April Prof. Margarida Azevedo
Nowadays we are being bombed everyday with information about crisis when we open any newspaper. At the same time there is the increase of the public dissatisfaction and the new record values achieved by the unemployment rates. With all this assimilated troubles we forget another crisis, which maybe because of their own silence, escapes our notice – the identity crisis. This is the subject that is expanded in our poster. We created a character that is censured and in this sense could be anyone of us. A bust, that wears a suit in order to uniform mankind and become timeless. His face was omitted and substituted by the best way to represent he concept of identity – a fingerprint. Its own detail won at the capture through a wart and resulting lack of ink, calls up the idea of an eye and turns it realer. The obtained effect communicates clearly the message that its necessary to take position against the standardization of mankind which is increased with the slogan: Define New Ambitions; that works as a reminder to the world, not to be just one more. It is not accidentally that these three words were chosen, since their initials form the abbreviation DNA. It is this element that makes us unique and that is the core message that we are moving.

This was an academic project made in April 2012 by the orientation of Margarida Azevedo, It was a group project made by me and Bruno Dias, and the propose was make a poster to participate in the 23ᵉ Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme, student competit, but it was not selected. All the project was printed by serigraphy process, with a production of ten posters. 

This poster poster was exposed