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Colombo 2024
Main Visual Inspiration

As the concept is celebrating identity the visual language is inspired by based on the iconic arts and craft elements of four main religions in Sri Lanka. They are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. The main reason of choosing four religions is to create a visual language that represents the whole nation.

One custom pattern is designed as a main graphic inspiration for other designs to use as a platform. This pattern also works as the grid for the logo and making other ideograms. 


Ideogram: The logo ideogram is a mask. The inspiration for this is the concept. The fact that the concept is about celebrating identity, a mask is chosen to show one unique aspect of a face with many expressions. 

Secondary Ideograms

These graphic elements are used to emphasis the concept and are inspired by the ideogram. The face tracking grid helps in capturing different facial expressions and creating more unique ideograms.​​​​​​​

colour inspiration

Colour palette is mainly inspired by the bright colours used on the arts and crafts mentioned on the visual inspiration moodboard

Logo Colours

Three gradients are used on the logo to make it stand out among other ideograms

Secondary Colours

Secondary colours are mainly tints and shades of logo colours. These are used to make depth when used on patterns


The pictograms are mainly influenced by the style of Sydny 2000 Olympics and Barcelona 1992 Olympics pictograms. Pictograms are made with the shapes extracted from the ideogram to based on the brand values of individuality and diversity. Pictograms are arranged in 7 categories and are colour coded accordingly39 sports


The torch is inspired by brand values; individuality and diversity. Instead of being a singular shape the torch is used four different shapes inspired by stack of fists as Olympics brings different individualities together. The torch is an aluminium body single white colour design. The torch has the colour logo lockup on the face with the pattern carved to some faces. The torch is given a clean pure look with the intention of making it distinctive from other designs.

The Medal

The medal is used the monochrome logo with  different textures in making more contrast and for engraving


Pictograms: Wayfinding pictograms are made by using a grid that is inspired by the main grid. Pictogram grid is made using 22.5° angular lines. These pictograms to be used at Olympic park or any event related to Colombo 2024 Olympic Games

Olympic park 
Signage Family

The wayfinding system mainly includes 5 types of signages. Directional and information signages are used as multisided signages for moreefficiency and to have minimum amount of signages at the Olympic park. 

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Colombo 2024

Colombo 2024

The main challenge of this project was to find and create a visual style that can be used as the nation’s style and use it to brand Olympic Games Read More