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STARK 2012
Broadcast Design for a series channel.

Because the channel was to host the darker array of series produced: ie Dexter, True Blood, Game of Thrones and the like, and because these shows always showed an underlying theme of the battle between good vs evil. STARK was born. A "STARK" contrast between: dark and light, black vs white, good vs bad... and of course the many shades of grey.
The channel imaging then would follow this theme throughout, with a few highlight colours to depict certain shows.

Logo Environment - Light
Logo Environment - Dark
Bumpers would be more conceptual than the typical publicity photo and information although this was given to them as an option: see below:
Information straps would be subtle and not overbearing to disturb viewing.
Line-up without publicity pictures.
More mainstream programme specific bumper boards
Produced while at ORIJIN