RE:SET Kassel Harbor - Urban and Landscape Design
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    RE:SET Kassel Hafen , Collaboration with Antje Weitz and Franziska Trapp .
¬Kassel’s harbor is located in the eastern region of the district ‘Unterneustadt’ between the two districts ‘Bettenhausen’ in the south and ‘Wesertor’ in the north. Although a close connection to the inner-city is given, the area still resembles a border to the periphery of the city itself, which is allied to the east and mostly agricultural used. In the present the harbor is in ‘private’ hands and not freely accessible for public. The concept is based on its function as a living area representing a connection between the city and the landscape. The housing structure assimilates itself into the mostly green district. An open alley leads visitors from Unterneustadt to the harbor. A generous open space with a café and wooden deck characterizes the lower part of the harbor basin. It also functions as a passage between the promenade at the riverside coming from the west and the promenade along the eastside of the basin leading into the landscape. Historical industrial remains, such as a railway are put into focus on this part of the promenade. An old silo building will be integrated into the new housing structures, which are kept in straight geometrical patterns fitting the hard edge of the harbor. Meanwhile the Westside is dominated by an organic- formed dock carrying on the natural shape of the peninsula. The northern part is open for public and aligns itself with a park. The lower wooden decks belong to the housing structures which are build on the slope. The building-structure of the residential area in the south east includes a semipublic park and builds a border to Obi. The area next to the riverside is characterized by it’s mostly car free appearance. Only the part leading to the peninsula is organized by a shared space street.
1/1000 Plan
Alley thru the landmark
1/500 Plan