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    Melanie Audet lives in Montreal, QC, Canada. She's originally an artist, and then went to school for Graphic Design and Illustration in 2004. She… Read More
    Melanie Audet lives in Montreal, QC, Canada. She's originally an artist, and then went to school for Graphic Design and Illustration in 2004. She started making monsters in December of 2008 as a project to further her design career, but that stopped in its tracks. 2 years later she decided that maybe she should start selling them when she got some really positive comments, and now she's been making them full time since April 2011. She really loves making handmade monsters. Read Less
Curious Little Bird 
❤ Because everyone needs a monster
My business started in 2011, but the idea of making monsters came long before the business did.

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I attended art school and graduated in 2004. For 7 years I worked in this field, and as a freelance designer as well.

In 2008 I moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec to be closer to my family. Finding a job proved to be more difficult than I thought, so I started creating monsters. At the time they were hand size, and completely hand sewn. The idea was to create a designed mail out project, complete with a Wanted poster for each monster describing their crime, and reward for their capture. Suffice it to say, after a month of making these I had found a full time job in January 2009, and put the project aside.

Two years later, January 2011, I lost my graphic design position due to the recession, and was once again out of work. During this time, I had a lot of time to myself. After 5 months of still no work, I decided to open up my Etsy shop with the monsters I'd made in 2008. A few months later I attended my first craft fair as a vendor. The response to my monsters was so positive and reaffirming, that I decided to build on this. I slowly developed my brand.

When I chose my business name, I went with the advice given to me by my cousin:
"Dont pick something that will lock you in to one product. For example there is a shop called bittie clippies on etsy. They started making hair clips for babies originally. But now they do jewellery, I think the name does not suit at all."
With this advice, I wanted something that was cute, easy to remember, and could be anything in terms of business. I had used a random business name generator, and with a combination of a few words came CURIOUS LITTLE BIRD. The logo was clear, a cute, fat bird perched on a stylized branch. The feedback I got from my new name was also very positive, and it's stuck. I had even found the perfect font!

In the fall of 2011, I heard of a government program that helps unemployed people become entrepreneurs, and start their own business. They offer financial assistance, as well as courses to write your business plan, and sales classes. I was lucky to be accepted!

Now it's 2012, and my business has gone from an online affair to a retail affair! I've got a developed brand, and my monsters are available in stores in 3 different provinces, and the number is growing. I've also got a following, and am becoming known throughout the world. I've sold internationally, and have sent monsters to 4 continents! North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia!

My business is growing fast, and soon I'll outgrow my competitors! Keep an eye out for Curious Little Bird!

❤ Because everyone needs a monster ❤