S    i    g    n    a    l         f    e    s    t    i    v    a    l
In October 2016 Radugadesign took a part in one of the most famous international festivals - SIGNAL, which traditionally takes place in autumn in Prague. 
SIGNAL 2016, as always, impressed its guests with interesting audio-visual installations and invited artists and teams from all around the world, such as: Maotic, Daniel Rossa, TUNDRA, TigerLab, Amanda Parer and others.

V    o   i   c   e       o   f       f   i   g   u   r   e   s
a    u    d    i    o    v    i    s    u    a    l        i    n    s    t    a    l    l    a    t    i    o    n
Radugadesign created bright and positive work called "Voice of Figures", which opened the festival at the Old Town Square in the heart of Prague. The installation consists of a projection for the facade of the National Gallery, where we have used an original approach in terms of architectural mapping. The concept of audio-visual installation and same time the major generator for graphics was the music composed by the young composer Alexander Zaripov. Installation did not follow the rules of 3D mapping, where the correct picture can only be disclosed in terms of the "ideal spectator". Thanks to this concept "Voice of Figures" was well-viewed from different points of large and populous area. The feature of the work was universality. The graphics, as with any projection for a facade, subject to architectural forms, but it was not too difficult to scale and adapt it for another surface, interior, more complex pattern or a straight wall.

T   E   A   S   E   r 
The installation was focused on the idea of Big Data-main concept of SIGNAL 2016. The metaphor of the work is about limitless of data which, thanks to technology, became understandable for human consumption. Music for this work is an order constant, and every second of the video the visual chaos stricts into a certain musical harmony. 

C   R   E   D   I   T   S

Creative producer: Ksusha Chekhovskaya
Media-artist: Artemy Perevertin
Musician: Alexander Zaripov
Creative directors: Ivan Nefedkin, Mikhail Kabatov
Film director: Alexey Ustinov
Special thanks to the SIGNAL Festival
Martin Posta
Lenka Jiroutová
Filip Zoubek
and all team