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    Submission for eVolo 2010 Skyscraper Competition
Portable housing ///
The currently need to inhabit the planet sustainably becomes something increasingly important for our future. 
New concepts for the design and construction of habitable spaces are emerging everyday, to meet this new reality and begin to deserve special attention from the architectural project to the stage of manufacture, use and life cycle of buildings. 
A portable housing unit was developed with a construction system that approach both, environmental and social issues. This unit starts from a modular system scaled from the standard OSB plate (oriented strand board) of 1.22m x 2.44m, defining flexible living areas that can be progressively coupled and adequate for transport. The responsible use ofrecyclable and industrial materials results in a speedy and prompt delivery of manufactured space modules.
"Stackable, portablemobile living".... cnn, urban planet, 2010
From this mobile unit comes the concept of a huge tower capable of housing hundreds of them. It also creates an empty metallic structure consisting of rails able to receive those units, giving them a shelter with mobility and freedom to come and go. Each floor of the tower receives six independent units that can enter and leave the complex without interfering  with others.  A system, like a penknife, composed of several slide rails built-in the structure, easily promotes all necessary horizontal trasfering.  Finally for the vertical circulation, it was used a house lift, located at the left extremity. At the other side of the tower there is a vertical circulation for the residents (elevators and fire escape). The geometry of the base of the tower has a projection area on the ground rather small, designed to facilitate its implementation in very dense urban centers, where the space is reduced. This structure is ideal to the hyper-centers of large cities, either as private residences or as hotels, according to the demand. It also allows an expansion both, horizontally and vertically, adjusted according to the skyline of the city.
The main materials of the mobile unit are:

- Structure in "steel framing"
- Vertical walls and floor in OSB with thermo-acoustic insulation;
- Coverage in metal type sandwich tiles;
- Window in tempered glass;
- Green roof and walls;
- System of reuse of water.

In 2011 this project was published in Mobile Architecture book. See more info here: https://goo.gl/2nFJAd