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    An Anti-Stress kit for Lebanese Designers.
FTWR|Anti-Stress kit for Lebanese Designers
The Kit
As my senior project, I decided to make an anti-stress kit for Lebanese Designers. Since we're talking about Lebanon and the Lebanese designers here, I wanted to name my project with something a Lebanese can directly relate to.I chose the slang "Ftah Timmak W Rkhiya" (open your mouth and chill), a well known term in Lebanon said for someone really stressed. I took the initials of that term "FTWR" and starting experimenting with it. Since it's a slang, I wanted to give it a high end classic design, talk about being sarcastic that is. Afterwards I noticed that the letter "W" can be seen in many different "impolite" ways-something typical for Lebanese people. By elimination, I took the letter W and made it as an emblem, surrounded by few objects found in the kit.Each object found in the kit has a specific meaning. A stressful designer can look at each object and realize that the solution for his problems is found in between his hands.