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    BAA Heathrow Terminal 5 Engagement campaign.
BAA HEATHROW TERMINAL 5: The world's most successful airport development
> To engage the T5 workforce and deliver the vision.
> To communicate the T5 strategy to all.
> To engender such a sense of pride that they want T5 to be a success.
> To change perception that this is not just another construction project.
> To capture hearts and minds.
THE SIMPLE BIG IDEA: History in the making
In order to engage the various audiences, we needed to build this proposition. We needed to tell the History in the making story. Tell it in a way that helped the T5 workforce appreciate the full scale and significance of this awesome development. Tell it in a way that they would want to get involved. But most importantly, tell it in a way that they would recognise what's in it for them, and be motivated to deliver the vision and strategies.

Drawing Parallels. "We're making history too."
By drawing parallels with the project and world-renowned and iconic construction developments, we were able to simply and effectively build the foundation and purpose of our campaign, on the premise that we're making history too.
Promoting T5 - Keeping everyone up to speed.  "History in the making."
Celebrating the work and achievements of Europe's largest construction project, and demonstrating that we are making history by building a world icon.
Making people the heroes. 'Proud to say I built T5.'
Celebrating team success. Placing stories of human achievement at the heart of delivering objectives. As it was for those whose ingenuity and vision turned The Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Panama Canal and other pioneering developments into the symbols of human achievement they are today, we're making history too. So that in years to come, each of us will be proud to say, "I built T5."
Rough Raw and Earthy
Bringing it to life
Executive launch brochure
Workforce site newspaper and insert
Communication Industry Awards
UK Communication In Business Awards Winner.
Brand Communication

“The quality of the planning in the detailed calendar of events and the impact of the creative deployed particularly stand out.”
UK Design Benchmarks Awards Winner.
Integrated Brand Communication.

“The comprehensive T5 History in the Making programme, devised for BAA, shows what can be achieved through effective branding, taking an identity way beyond the marque to become an attitude of mind.”