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    graphic series, screen printing
The graphic "Kaleidoskop" is part of a graphic series, composed of three graphics, in screen printing technique. The artworks symbolize some kind of big wheel, which is exposed to a continuous change and movement. The graphic shows the parallel to the workaday life. Movement and change dominate us.
On the one hand, the contrast of black and white polarize the agitation and restlessness and on the other side the progress and development of our society.

The graphic shows a very symmetrical and geometric structure, with recurring elements. The graphic elements are part of this story. Each individual detail has a permanent place in the machinery.

artist: lagqaffe
vectorart - screen printing on paper AND screen printing on painted chipboard
paper: ca. 52 x 62 cm, chipboard: different quadratic formats


Fotos: Julian Struck, Susanne Wagner, SK-Pictures
 Kaleidoskop 1 - 2012

Kaleidoskop 2 - 2012

Kaleidoskop 3 - 2012