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Where others might see devastation, aridity, even danger, photographer Martin Tremblay 
sees the backdrop for his next fashion photoshoot
—his last shoot, also featured in Schön, took place at 4,207 metres, 
at the top of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii.

Hardly surprising, then, that when he was deciding on his next location, he chose 
the most naturally unstable site in the world. Puʻu ʻŌʻō is a volcanic cone 
(what is it with volcanoes? you might ask) of the Kilauea in Hawaii 
has been in constant eruption since 1983. As of this writing it is under around-the-clock surveillance 
as a recent trend of deflation pours lava into the sea, forming 
some of the newest land on earth.

Not the most accessible of places, either. Tremblay and his crew reached, 
what he calls “the hot spot” after a hard 2-hour hike through a tropical forest in torrential rain. 
Once there he was stupefied and extremely excited to find that the rain 
had created an eerie steam that permeated everything. As they wandered around the site, 
Tremblay recalls, “The heat was so intense our shoes started to melt and 
I ended up having to throw out one of my cameras because 
it was irretrievably damaged by the extreme weather.”

His entourage included a professional volcano poker 
(something to consider when choosing your next career) 
who used a wooden spear to poke the volcano, with the same results you’d expect 
when poking a bear.  Clearly her work inspired Tremblay who recreated her actions in some of these photos.

whose vision included 3-D wearables by designer LONG TRAN as well as designs by Moon Chang, 
the hot Korean designer, among others.

Of Russian model, Aliyah Galyautdinova, Tremblay says, “she has precisely the aesthetic 
I wanted: petite with a unique facial structure—wide-set eyes and plump lips. I just love that look!”

The resulting photos speak for themselves, worth, not only all that effort, but several thousand words. Each.

As for Tremblay, he’s already looking forward to his next project, his next discovery, his next canvas. 
Expect him to seek ever further for the most epic vistas to serve as backdrop to the most fashion-forward designs.

Martin Tremblay’s work has been published in several international magazines including 
ZINK, NOI.SE Aus. and SCHÖN! UK. and has won him several prestigious awards.

Photography & Art Director / Martin Tremblay @ Pinch
Fashion / Daniel-Bruno Ferreira
Model / Aliyah Galyautdinova
Hair / Patrick G.-Nadeau 
Make Up / Isabella Forget using Make Up For Ever & Khiel’s
Post-Production / Visual Box @ Pinch
Photography Assistant / Michael Descoteaux
FLOW editorial for SCHÖN! magazine UK

FLOW editorial for SCHÖN! magazine UK

SCHÖN! magazine FLOW Editorial MARTIN TREMBLAY VOLCANO SHOOT Where others might see devastation, aridity, even danger, photographer Martin Tr Read More