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    Graduation Project at the Szczecin Academy of Arts
A Loyal Friend
 "Here is Now"
G R A D U A T I O N   P R O J E C T
Graphic design of the album "Here is now" by the band 'A Loyal Friend' is my graduation project (BA) at the Szczecin Academy of Arts from 2012. 

The album is boxed in a 30x30 cm wooden case, which contains a CD and a Vinyl - both carrying two music tracks -
 "Here is Now" and "Two Steps Away" combined into 9.45 min joined song. 

Along with it,  there's also a BlueRay disc with two 9.45 min movies which are kind of a music video/concert animation, synced together to create a story displayed at two screens at the same time.

Additionally, there's also a photo album with 10 illustrations/photographs based on the movie, combined with hand-made typography quoting some of the lyrics.

Hope you'll like it!

Wooden case with engraved logo, 30x30 cm
Engraved logo close-up
Open album case, top view
CD positioned in the album case
BR/CD - blueray cover site
BR/CD - inside view
All the elements
Photo/illustration album 30x30 cm
Photoalbum close-up
Photoalbum close-up
Vinyl Cover
Summary top view

The Album

Right below you can see page layout designs from the album mention at the beginning. Along with the photographs I have also managed to get some simple drawings and freehand lettering done in order to add a bit more to the final effect.
I guess I like it this way.

01 | 02
03 | 04
05 | 06
07 | 08
09 | 10
11 | 12
13 | 14
15 | 16
17 | 18
19 | 20
The Movie
Last, but not least, there's also two 8.10 min  HD movies designed to be viewed at the same time during concert, or just as
a music video - both attempting to tell a short story to go with the music, hopefully to be interpreted by the viewer itself. You can watch it right below.

Ps. Sorry for the sound quality, music was never properly recorded in studio and all, and basically what you hear is just some home recording for the purpose of cutting the movie.
Ant that would be it, thanks for watching, cheers to you all!