Animal Planet: Wildlands

Animal Planet : Wildlands is a 3D educational Adventure game developed using the unity 3D engine  for the Ipad and Iphone Devices.

Animal Planet Wildlands is a major landmark for me personally it's actually the very first game I worked on professionally. By the time i came onto the project most of the core functionality was in place and in fact our team thought it would be our final days of viewing the game but we would later have a strong one week push to polish Animal planet . I just want to reiterate that my job is to make these menus and assets work in the game according to the clients desires , essentially i make these menus function. However the design and aesthetic portions of these panels were all done by the clients staff or tweaked by our 2d team .   98% of our UI work was done in NGUI  , so I became extremely familiar with the tool  during  the process of of working on animal planet.

With that said I do feel creating the functionality to these panels were my first major contribution to the development of a game for our team , and i am proud of them for sure !
Along side the help panels I made small tweaks and changes to the UIin other places as well , here I made a small change to the text  and i also performed the task of ensuring the correct card image and card ID in memory  were linked  in the library  section.
Another small addition I made was making a dynamic text field that changed the content of the race label underneath the race image  when a new race button was pressed just to further clarify which track the user was selecting.
This panel represents a feature that would be cut late in the project a load screen that displayed a random image upon loading every time after the first time the user starts the game .  I really enjoyed programming this primarily because randomly displaying loading screens and games that did recognize if this was the first time you were initiating them have always been impressive to me . So i got a chance to learn how something many of my favorite  games already incorporated worked  which has  been my favorite part of  working  thus far.