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Old Sarum Winery
Inheriting the Earth
Proposed Site Elevation: acrylic on canvas
“By means of beauty the sensuous man is led to form and to thought; by means of rationalising the spiritual man is broughtback to matter and restored to the world of sense.” - Freidrich Schiller

Old­ SarumWinery responds to the issue of the Somnambulantnature of Salisbury by endeavouring to create an experience adverse tonumbness; bringing back social interaction, providing a platform for inadvertentlearning and rekindling the relationship between feeling and logic (nature and science,body and mind).

Thebuilding cannot hide behind diffuse awareness; it takes the visitor on a fullysubmerged journey into the world of wine; a ceremony enhanced by archaicnotions of beauty, clarity, peace, power, truth and ultimately the diversenessand changeability in our natural surroundings. The story of this project is oneof communication.

Rendered Perspective Section: Through shop/entrance foyer (upper segment); bar, tasting space and barrel storage (central segment); cooperage (lower segment)
General Arrangement Diagram
(Left) The Winemaking Process - functional clarity; (right) Suspended Spaces 
Entrance Visual
Bar Visual
Barrel Storage Visual 
Primary Structure Model: An intersection between steel and rammed chalk.