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    Chinese dish recipes - how to order successfully in a Chinese restaurant
How to order successfully Chinese food
Describing dishes with authentic names made easy
Inviting  your folks or guests to a Chinese restaurant has its risks - especially if you do not  follow the crowd and go by 'what the farmer doesn't know - he doesn't eat'  perspective.

Chinese food is one of the best cuisines available - worldwide - if not the best overall. Lack of knowledge of describing dishes generally results in disasters :  You never know what you get till it arrives.

In our research we found 90 percent of folks have very little clue of what they should order, whether to go for just the ' usual ' they are familiar with, or venture out in a new area and take the risk of disaster.

For all could be possible. In Chinese cuisine one has hundreds of choices, from succulent to non tasty varieties. The choice is yours, what is required is skills and knowledge.


Imagine sitting in front of business colleagues and giving clear, precise instructions to a waiter, or chef to prepare a specific dish, and this in Mandarin Chinese ! Wow.

Such display of authority will never fail to receive attention, especially from those superior to you.

On a business trip to China this is an
absolute necessity . Nowhere in China will you have a full range of Chinese dishes in the English version menu. The delicate dishes are always kept in Chinese ( for a number of reasons ).

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We found that whilst 90 percent of people ordering in a Chinese restaurant have little clue, the rest do want to make a proper choice.
The rule is simple :   Know what you eat
Good news is there is a simple aid that can guide you through the multitude of dishes. Written by experts we can vouch for its valuable contents. Assured knowledge - you never want to be without when venturing to China or Asian countries.