Background  —  Architect of the Great Brands

Grzegorz Kropacz is an entrepreneur based in the north of Poland. He helps companies and start-up’s build & grow thier brands, actively moving in the fields of sales, marketing, strategy, processes as well as coaching for businesess. Referring to his main goal, he likes to speak about himself as an Architect of the Great Brands.

My mission was to create strong and unique visual identity for Grzegorz considering the nature of his work and his approach to it. While working, he puts a strong emphasis on the human aspect. He don't want to be considering as a brand or a corporation, but like a human being, helping business with his unique character. 


From the beginning it was clear that Grzegorz needs a great logo design to stand out from the competitors and highlight his unique business aproach. I came out with the solution of connecting handwritten monogram (G&K) with solid, sans-serif typography. This approach is combining both human and business aspects which is what we needed from the start. Also, this solution based on contrast, gave Grzegorz a great opportunity of using brand mark in everyday situations (in example while signing documents), which makes a logo even more dynamic and useful.