In Jerusalem, during a warbetween the Arab and the Israelis, Jesus comes back and brings forth therising of the dead.
Now the two mortal enemies have to face the horde of zombies together ifthey want to survive. I was inspired visually bythe movie "Waltz with Bashir", and conceptually by something stand-upcomedian Eddie Izzard once said in his show Dress to Kill: "I think the world needs monsters, Ithink we need them because we've got this thing ... Humans are very good with alittle bit of adversity, not too much, but enough." this is for you Eddie.
And as for research: dawnof the dead was awesome, dead snow was OK, evil dead 2 and 3 are timeless, haveseen walking dead yet, zombieland is freaking sweet, but not as sweet as shaunof the dead (long live Edgar Wright) or Peter Jackson's brain dead :)
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