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​​​​​​​A manager’s best friend

The basis of any business ́s operations are its tasks. Runrun.it is a tool that helps companies coordinate the flow of tasks, setting priorities and organizing them by clients and projects.

Each task has its own “Timeline” which is where communication with other colleagues happens. In Runrun.it, each comment has a time limit of 15 minutes to be deleted, after that, it gets “saved forever” in the task. The same happens with attached files.

This mechanic makes Runrun.it an ideal tool for people to make decisions in a responsible and transparent fashion. It puts an end to the age old excuse that ‘’the email didn’t arrive’’ or that ‘’it was not exactly what was demanded or decided’’. It’s written easy to find, and made crystal clear.

Role: App design (Web, iOS & Android)
CTO: Franklin Valadares
Creative direction & Design: Kaique Amorim
User experience design: Kaique Amorim, Felipe Gressler, Fernando Aguire
Content manager: Laura Lopes
Web developers: Runrun.it
Android developer: Heitor Polizeli Rodrigues
iOS developers: Thiago Cruz & Vítor Paciulli