that's why I love this job, enjoying the process :)
that's why I love this job, enjoying the process! :)

No offense, this ain't show off. just an educational content upload, to be shared with friends who want to know how an advertising process is executed, and to answer some other technical questions from workshops i've participated. enjoy! :)
This material contents a project created by the client's decissions, the concepts by an agency team, a photographer team who owns the images, all production crews, internet searching - references, stock images, and digital imaging by me.
The references, tone and manners from agency
The Concepts from agency team
Chosen material Image, provided by photography team
Rough compose
Comprehensive Layout
Detailing, animated
1st Digital imaging Preview, rejected! ok, move on :)
Approved image
placed image on layout by the agency team
Outdoor media placement
TVC, made by production house
Thx. Enjoy :)