Money to the people!!!
Here is a sample of how the final note should look like. Obverse (face) and Reverse (back face).
Between the notes there's this little "decomposition" of the various elements that compose the reverse. Each one has its specific layer characteristics, some depicting security elements that we normally don't see in nude eye. They are simulations only. Mints usually have their own security procedures.
My idea with this "hypothetic" series of banknotes to Greenland was to depict in one side the faces of people that compose the "Land of the Kalaallit" or Grønland, in Danish, regardeless of their origin and, on the other side, to depict the local fauna and flora, cultural habits, landscape and so on.
Greenland, despite its bloody icy cold weather, is full of colour which you can see in the way the Kalaallit dress themselves. You can see it in the floating icebergs... that beautiful blueish tone.