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    An atmospheric exploration game project for PC. Currently in development.
An atmospheric exploration game for PC. Development suspended.
Concept Art

Zlythy originated as an art project - a series of cards vaguely reminiscent of the art typically found on tarot. I started out creating them as 2d art pieces but decided to try creating them as 3d images. As I worked on the cards, I started to feel like I could create a game from these environments. Making the jump from being simply two dimentional cards to being interactive environments seemed like an obvious direction to take the project.
This is only a sample of the work done so far and development is ongoing.
Select Early Concepts
Color Concepts
For a while I seriously considered making the game in colour. Colour will still play a role in the game but not to the extent seen in the following environmental concepts. My plan is to incorporate the best ideas in the colour version into the black and white game.  
Creature concept.
Recent Concepts
I've started work on transitional areas in the game world, the flow and direction to subtly guide the player. The following four images show a possible sequence of movement between three areas.
Thumbnail Sketches
Puzzle, environment.
Early In-Game Screen Shots

I originally developed the game utilizing the Blender Game Engine but have since moved to UDK. I did like how BGE looked but it's performance was poor. UDK offeres good performance and excellent visual quality.
Blender Game Engine.
Blender Game Engine.
Blender Game Engine.
Blender Game Engine.
Blender Game Engine.
Early UDK editor screenshot.
Early UDK editor screenshot.
Early UDK editor screenshot.
WIP Screenshots
Puzzles and Interaction
I considered a number of different directions for puzzles and interaction with the environment, creatures and NPC. Early on I developed runes and tarot cards that would transport you to new areas. These runes or card could be found in the environment or given as quest rewards. I even split one interactive area out into it's own game.
Early thumbnail sketch of runes.
Final map with corresponding runes for each area.
Player Character
I'm still debating whether to make the game 1st or 3rd person. An aspect I love of many open world games is character customisation. The customisation wouldn't be as extensive as some, just the ability to change heads, bodies and textures (no morphing).