Picasso had a saying: 'Good artists copy, Great artists steal'

Recently I made this new piece. 
Inspired by Steve Jobs quote: “Picasso had a saying: Good artists copy, Great artists steal”. 

With this simple quote Steve Jobs explained the whole idea behind Picasso’s saying. He actually stole Picasso’s quote and made it his own by putting ‘Picasso had a saying’ in front of it. He did not just copy the hole idea. 
He interpreted it and applied it to his own.
That’s what I did as well. I stole the quote that Steve Jobs stole from Picasso and interpreted it to substantiate my own vision.

Being an artist myself I’m really interested by this topic. Since we are connected to the internet 24/7 we get inspired by other artists every day. And that’s not a bad thing: We learn from each other! The bad side is that inspiration can lead to copying.
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Silkscreen print – Handmade – 250g paper – Limited series of 25 – Signed and numbered. 

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