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    A personal project using dice to determine the project parameters. Exploring creative executions in short motion graphic and design outcomes.
Continuing my personal projects using random chance to select a project and outlines. Using a series of lists with different executions, eras, styles, etc. Rolling a dice to randomly select the outcomes and then creating artwork, styling based on the this random choice. 

Hence, abstract, glossy hipster ended up being my challenge, keeping it simplistic and angular. Beary's back story being a bear wanting to live in the city and work in the busy night life as a DJ. Yet his dreams are still to be achieved, he enjoys rides on the Hipster City coin operated ride. So for 50p he can live his dream for a few minutes every day.
Some additional of the elements created for the project. 
Vivian Vixen was an additional character I considered developing further but wanted to keep the project short and sweet. So she my be brought to life in future? To be decided...