Garamond 3 Concentration Game
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Assignment: Present the typeface Garamond 3, showcasing its pros and cons with only typography and the colors black and white.

How to play:

1. Original
Lay all the cards face down. In turn each player chooses two cards and turns them face up. If they are of the same letter (e.g. Aa of regular and Aa of italic) then that player wins the pair and plays again. If they are not of the same letter, they are turned face down again and play passes to the player on the left. The game ends when the last pair has been picked up. The winner is the person with the most pairs, and there may be a tie for first place.

2. One flip
Players who make a successful pair win these cards but do not go again until their next turn.

3. Two decks
For a much longer game, shuffle together two 52-card decks and lay them out face down. Pairs must be identical (same letter and same style, so the Aa of regular would have to match the other Aa of regular).

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