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    Designing of the interface, as well WordPress development, of Irish personality Rozanna Purcell's recipes and lifestyle blog.
Rozanna Purcell is one of the most prominent Irish personalities. In early 2016, she launched her official blog "Natural Born Feeder", where she posts her own recipes and writes about her lifestyle.

This project was conceived as part of my role in Connector, an open innovation studio based in Dublin.
I developed it from scratch, researching and proposing the best solutions focused on the user experience. I followed the client's specifications, who was keen on having a functional and minimalistic design, but at the same time seeks for personality and visual appeal.

After the screens had been approved, I started the WordPress implementation. For this project, I didn't design the layout before on any image editor, such as Photoshop, instead, I manually sketched the screens' wireframes and then I coded it straight way.
The theme was made exclusively for this project, with some add-on plugins to help with security, performance and small amends. Some parts of the control panel were changed to make easier to maintain the blog.

This website is live at http://naturalbornfeeder.com/