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This is MonsterUp Adventures, the sequel of the succesful Windows Phone game by Karios Games (Marios Karagiannis).
I have designed new exciting eye-candy levels, monsters, enemies and UI for this lovely game,
which features happy monsters from Trello Land against an evil threat.
You can check all fantastic graphics below, it’s a project I love!
If you have a Windows Phone handset check the game:
Like official MonsterUp Facebook Page:
Unfortunately, some designers don't respect other people's artwork.
Recently, a fan of my artwork sent me a post of a new game named “Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake” and I was shocked! Most of the graphics used on the Game Map are pure copies of my Happy World named Teratakia, which I designed for the awarded game “MonsterUp Adventures” of the swiss company, Karios Games.
Normally, I would have no problem for the designer to be inspired by my artwork but this is really insane, as he has copied the graphics exactly. Even the world is the same: islands on the sea. The mountains, the hills, small details, the sea waves, even the Skull at the right side of the island. This is not inspiration, this my whole world copied by a lazy designer.
Please note, I designed this game in 2012 and “Monsters ate my birthday cake” is released in 2014.
You can see details here:
It would be nice if the designer could change the map & graphics to his own creativity.
Please, have a look at the detailed graphics below and judge yourself (click on the image to zoom in):
:::MonsterUp Adventures - Game Graphics:::

:::MonsterUp Adventures - Game Graphics:::

Game graphics and UI design for MonsterUp Adventures Windows Phone game.


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