Star Trek Skateboard Design Created with Adobe Draw

For my presentation at Adobe Max 2016, I created this Skateboard Design around the very Halloween-ish them of Star Trek. To me the costumes for the Gorn Captain, and the Orion Slave Girl were always kinda hilarious, but I wanted to give them a more stylish look. I used Adobe Draw on the iPad Pro to create the majority of this illustration and below are some time-lapse videos I used in presentation. 

Full design flipped so you can see both views
I started in Adobe Sketch, created the sketch of the design and figured out most of the design elements.
Then I screen grabbed the sketch and placed in an image layer in Adobe Draw so that I could use it like a light table to complete the illustration. 
I continued by utilizing the layers features in Adobe Draw to color from dark to light.
Then I used Adobe Capture on my iPhone to capture halftone patterns and saved to a library I could access in Adobe Draw
And finally added those halftone textures in Adobe Draw to the illustration. 
The whole project was completed in Adobe Draw on the iPad Pro, I also remixed it in Draw to create a t-shirt version of the design. 

You can buy it here.