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    Everything in this book is made by me, the cover, the logo, the paper, the fonts, everything.
This personal cookbook was a project in school, we were working on the whole year. They gave us free-hand, so we could express ourselves in our own style, and we could do whatever we wanted.
This book contains the recipies of my family, I wrote them down from my mother herself. And also, these are my favourite foods and meals since my childhood. It is written in my native language of course, in Hungarian. The texts are not downloadable fonts, it is my own handwriting wi
tch makes it more personal...
There are 9 recipies in it, and each starts with a girl-illustration.
It'd be great, if I could show this book to my children in the future, and tell them how we loved these kind of foods and how we prepared them in the past : )
 The Cover:
The Binding:
 Japanese book-binding technique.
The Quote:
The quote is from a Hungarian poet and writer, and it literally says this: "You can only have a bellyful, when you remember of the lunch."
Which actually means that: "A certain thing happened to you in your life, which you really enjoyed, but the best pleasure is recalling it, some time later."
  The Scheme:
The Girls:
Some more detail: