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    RYAN HARC self-initiated project co-work with Harc Lee
 inspired by paper
This is a story of a digital camera inspired by paper.
We like subtle texture of papers. 
Embossed marks between letters. Several ink stains.  
These things always bring totally different feelings from the one we see in a monitor. 
Simply, we wanted to put some analogical feelings on a digital camera.
Some details reflect on the inspiration, paper, literally and abstractly. For example, all the proportions are decided according to the proportions of normal paper. The side cover for battery and memory card slot resembles embossing stamp mark.
One more metaphor , time.
Now the camera plays on the time, the specific numbers which you created the pictures. It can be records about when you did take pictures. And also another fun element giving pleasure. After all , camera is a tool for capturing certain moments. E-ink would enhance soft and analogical feelings.