Project by: Giacomo Sanna e Vittorio Minervini

Installation conceived for the exhibition PLAYGROUND " Palazzo della triennale Milano " Ceramiche COEM " 2010.CrystalTile plays the role of a three dimensional labyrinth which project us inside the amazing crystal-lattice of  ceramic. A place where the reticular structure creates complex shapes, transparent but at the same time consistent, made of voroinodal cells; it is a playful path which leads the kids to the discovery of every passage.
The strength of the ceramic elements opposes to the lightness of the lattice, in a game of solidity and voids play which emphasizes the textures and the polychromatic nature.A unique space where the ceramic and the game itself are the main protagonists, whom main recipients are gardens and the environmentally sound city ‘green’ habitats in order to improve its functionalities and receptive nature, an element where children can safely interact.