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    Perfume Design
As an industrial designer I have been involved in the creation of a collection of perfume INTIMISSION with ARMBRAND studio. I created  hand sketches, 3D model of the vial and accessory, the prototype from plasticine and visualization. 
We were to design bottle shape, packaging and wordmark for a new perfume brand. Its name and idea, overt sexuality, were conceived by the customer, Belarusian-French company Dilis Parfum. The product range features Uno (18+), Due (18++) and Tre (18+++).

Everything started with the bottle. There are several layers of perception. The first one is quite innocent: a bell, a dress. The deeper one sees all female curves, even the most intimate ones.
How to convey sexuality? Bold, overt, even loose. We have chosen bright-colored lips as an image undoubtedly conveying sexiness.

The three packs ​​​​​​​tella quite obvious story. In the first instance only the expressions of lips distinguished the packs within the range – by the intensity of emotions. However, to underline the difference weadded different lipstick colors. Pink – for the lightest fragrance, deep red – for the deepest one. The same logics was applied to the bottle. The glass was colored with gradients from black to the relevant color.
Also, the lips were the solution for an accessory on the bottle.
The casket shaped box with a velvety surface reminds of a jewelry box. 
The product might become a brand when it is self-consistent, when its looks meet its inner qualities, its core, the perception of the target audience, a certain culture.Intimission is a product of this type.

Whatever you see in the packaging, Intimission is ready to follow its provocation to the end. Are you?