William Santiago Branding
For my Trademark and Logo class, we were asked to choose a person we knew well, and give them their own personal or professional brand, or a brand overhaul. My friend William is a historic preservation and architecture major who just graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He already has a pretty stellar style, one that I wanted to replicate with design, so I decided to give him his own brand.

As I mentioned, Will is a pretty stylish fellow, a modern-day gentleman. I wanted his brand to reflect this in a variety of ways. Below you'll see the mood board I created for inspiration, the logo(s) I created, and some items that the brand could extend into. Enjoy!

The logos I created represent a flexible branding solution, a concept encouraged by my professor. Each logo has the same elements (typography, linework, black polygon), but applied in different ways to create a unique look and feel for each one. These can be used in different personal and professional settings. The top logo makes a powerful statement, and I would envision that one in a boardroom type of situation. The middle one has more personality, which I see being used as a personal logo. The bottom one is a little more progressive and dynamic, and could be used for more exciting, informal, or possibly risky business ventures. 
The mood board and design inspiration for the entire brand. 
The application of the logo elements, such as the thin strokes, creates a sense of texture and sophistication to the external materials.
In keeping with the progressive, minimalist style, I mocked up a business card in strictly black and white to highlight the intricacies of the logo as well as the masculinity of the brand.