Neighborhood is a spatial translation project where we graphically represent a space we enjoyed in the form of an accordion book and a simple animation. I chose an area of the bolton hill’s townhouses because I enjoyed the unique, quirky parts of each houses that forms the overall cohesive row of houses. We had to explore how a space would change over time and I played with the idea of different abstract elements coming together to form the houses.
I started by doing a lot of hand studies of the space to have a starting point and a personal view of the space. Then I starting taking apart different parts of the houses and enjoyed playing around abstracting the elements which inspired my final design.
I produced my final accordion with heavier paper, developing the designs so it is simpler and better depict the abstraction. The typography is developed so that it is intertwined within the composition. The abstraction to concreteness idea could be experienced when going through the book in spreads.