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DAY Studio — AVLU Collection '16

DAY Studio — AVLU Collection '16
Avlu is a DAY Studio project focusing on local manufacturing techniques, taking advantage of Istanbul's rich crafts culture. AVLU re-interperates the product culture and the handcraft potential of Istanbul. The aim is to start up a dialogue about the contemporary design language of our locality. Second edition of AVLU Collection "Crafted Minimalism" once again focuses Istanbul playing around the idea of hidden gems of the city and ordinary mis-en-scenes on the streets from street vendors to typical teahouses of Istanbul.

When we were preparing our photo shoot of new AVLU Collection, we didn't want to step out of the line with the concept of last year. Besides, we chose a color palette for the studio. Unlike last year, we matched colors of the products and the background. *

* We didn't take and hereby demonstrate the photos of all pages that AVLU '16 catalogue has. If you are interested in AVLU '16 catalogue, you can download it from the website of DAY Studio.

DAY Studio — AVLU Collection '16