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    Scenes from my garden. Nature is amazing even in a garden crafted by man.
Milkweed Seed on Borage Flower

My milkweed plants have gone to seed and now the fluffy white things are stuck to everything else in my garden, but it's lovely. A non traditional image but perfect for that gardener in your life.

Harvest Tomato

Perfect print for the gardener in your family. This is from my garden this October. I feel this is the first time I had the photo of the tomato turn out like I wanted.

Milkweed Pod

It was our second year with milkweed plants and in addition to several monarch caterpillars the explosion of the seed pods has been entertaining to watch.

Snow on Hemlock Tree
Blue berries and Snow
Blackberry Leaves in Winter
Wild Raspberries 2016

Okay I take this shot every year. I do love this plant. So beautiful and so tasty. Wild raspberry jam maybe again this year!!!

Dew on Plant Leaves

Just a scene from my garden in the morning. Beauty is everywhere you just have to look for it.

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Orange Marigold

There is beauty everywhere in nature. Even in the garden and in the humble marigold flower. Bet you never realized all the pretty folds and beautiful colors in such a simple flower.

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Baby Green Pepper

Well I love this shot. I was so happy to be able to grow green sweet peppers this year.

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