Customizing Contents Platform, MARPPLE

New Contents Platform for Customizing, MARPPLE

MARPPLE, with diverse printing techniques and IT-focused personnel, is the only brand in Korea that provides custom printing services. 
In 2016, MARPPLE went beyond simple custom production services, and expanded to contents platform that provides diverse contents such as designer collaboration contents, IP contents, intellectual properties contents and self-production contents which arouse customers’ interest in the act of customizing itself. With these service evolution in hand, we have established a distinguished brand identity that can convey core customer values and new brand image.

Custom Printing-based Commerce ☞ Contents Platform

MARPPLE used to utilize manufacturing-based commerce strategy, but now it tries to highlight the contents function to brand design and brand communication up front restructuring its brand structure into a contents platform. We have presented Moderate, Simple, User Centered, Unique, 
as brand design keywords so that the brand asset equipped with solid foundations and structured processes for MARPPLE's distinguished brand images, and the brand character that provides quality contents which continuously offers Inspiration, could be efficiently and directly conveyed.

New Contents + My Creative Idea = MARPPLE

MARPPLE adds new inspirations and imbues specialty to customers. 
By utilizing plus mark as a motif, the logo expresses customer benefits and emphasizes the brand image of MARPPLE that connect new values to customers. Furthermore, reflecting the character of contents platform, the design is neutral and minimal by using logotypes only so that diverse categories and unique contents can be stood out.

Blank +

In terms of visual motif, we utilize the plus mark inside the logo type. 
To reflect MARPPLE's unique brand characteristics, we use the plus mark as a blank. By utilizing various contents images and graphics inside the plus mark, we express the MARPPLE brand that tells many stories.


Not only the logotype, but also we have expressed the overall brand tone and manner such as color, motif, icon, and typography in a neutral and a minimal way, to offer a brand experience that embraces diverse contents. By applying these factors consistently regardless of the media (stationery, advertisements, packaging, offline stores, website, SNS), we provide customers special and consistent brand experience unique to MARPPLE.

Business card

Business card with blank plus motif

ID card based on personal preference

Short sleeve / Inner label

Tag / Customizing contents information

Brand motif short sleeve / Tag

Offline DM - Contents lookbook

Package box / Tape



Website - Main / Printing Information / Customizing page



Offline store signage

MARPPLE Brand Design Renewal 
Year : 2016
Chief Executive Officer : Hyeyun Park
Chief Adviser : Joohyung Jeong
R&D Team Leader : Indong Yoo
Management Team : Taeyoon Kim
Manufacturing Team : Junryang Park
Marketing & UX Planning Team : Arum Cha, Insoo Gwon, Hyojin Kim

Design : Tyodi Hyojin Lee
Concept Development : Tyodi Hyojin Lee, Sungeun Lee

IF Design Award 2017
MARPPLE - Brand Identity Winner (view)

Customizing Contents Platform, MARPPLE

Customizing Contents Platform, MARPPLE

MARPPLE, with diverse printing techniques and IT-focused personnel, is the only brand in Korea that provides custom printing services. In 2016, M Read More


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