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    Series of 19 Lego pirates sets drawings made with colouring pencils and black pens on A5 paper.
Lego pirates is a series of 19 drawings Lego pirates sets from the nineties made with black pens and colouring pencils on A5 paper

I made this series after having finished the Lego Paradisa series. I also owned a few of these sets when I was young :)

It took me a couple of weeks to finish. The drawings are really tiny and it took me about 3 to 5 hours to complete each. 

If you enjoy them, you may wish to look at my previous project of Lego Paradisa sets drawings :)

Some of these drawings are available as postcards for sale too.

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   Lego Pirates Imperial Outpost,       Aurélie © 2012 
  Lego Pirates Lagoon Lock Up,  Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Pirates Rocky Reef,  Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Pirates MiniFigures,  Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Pirates Cross Bone Clipper,       Aurélie © 2012  
   Lego Pirates Look Out,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Broadsides Brig,       Aurélie © 2012 
  Lego Pirates Forbidden Island,  Aurélie © 2012
   Lego Pirates Sabre Island,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Shipwreck Island,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Castaway's Raft,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Rock Island Refuge,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Skull Island,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Treasure Chest,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Renegade Runner,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Forbidden Cove,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Enchanted Island,       Aurélie © 2012 
   Lego Pirates Skull's Eye Schooner,       Aurélie © 2012