Facelift of snagly.de
In the last two years snagly worked on many interesting projects and has always been up to meeting new challenges. The new design visualizes these two facts. The entire website is based on a grid and is therefore flexible and changeable. This is how the site is ment to match the character of snagly.
The projects are shown in 5 different containers, representing the wide range of snagly's references. Those containers are rearranged differently each time you visit the site.
Instead of a regular navigation, the user finds filters right next to the label. Compared to a classic home/portfolio/about-menu, it allows a faster access to the variety of our projects. As soon as a filter is activated, only the matching projects are shown and the thumbs get rearranged. When the user clicks on a thumb he will be redirected to a detailed view of the chosen project, which consists of a slideshow, that can be navigated automatically or „on click“, and a short description of our challenges and solutions. 
There are two more buttons on top, giving you a brief glimpse of us and our partners. The contents here aren't changing with the grid and can this way be accessed anytime. The left sidebar is used to publish the last 3 twitter messages.-
optimized for mobile devices