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    Beginning Photography Love / Hate Assignment
Love / Hate
For everything I like there is something I equally dislike about it. It isn't pessimistic or negative; there are simply some things that are out of our control. To complete this assignment I photographed things that I both love AND hate, rather than photographing half and half or all of one side. My mother and I are very close, so I chose her to model in many of these photographs.
My mother is my greatest supporter and I love her, but I don't like how weary she can become or some of the trials she's been through.
I love tap dancing, it's very freeing. However, tap dancing over time has worn down my knees. Still strong though.
Again, I love my mother. I don't like the eyesight passed down, wearing glasses or contacts.
My mother's arthritis is just one more aspect of her life I dislike. It can be disruptive.
I love who I am. I don't like neck pain or migraines.
My mother's crutch has been part of the family for a while now, but I'd much prefer its absence (as would she).
My legs are strong, but my knees have had some trouble in the past.
I love my computer (new when this was taken), and my keyboard. But this is how it looks at 3am when working on projects.