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    Syria - Fifa World Cup 2018 A crossroad of cultures, religions and nations (Fictional Branding)
Syria - Fifa World Cup 2018
Syria: A crossroad of cultures, religions and nations
Laying on the middle East and surrounded by Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, Syria can be proud of its continuous role in the human history. Its capital, Damascus, is one of the oldest inhabited citiesin the world. As a major economic centre through centuries, it had been conquered by Egyptians, Alexander the Great, Romans, Turks and many other ethnicities. Each nation left its architectural scars on the image of thecity, making it a colorful puzzle of ornaments ands styles. Christian churches are standing near muslim mosques, while ancient greek temples contrast the modern skyscrapers.

The conflicting society
Syria is a two-speed society. In the rural and poor villages,countrymen are still living in mud-built huts and earn their living through farming. On the other hand, in the centre of Damascus life does not differ alot from any western capital. Finances, trading, business are a vital part of Syria’s economy. This two-speeded life affects also the aspects of the human characteristics of the Syrian people. Fashion is blending with religion, creating the paradox of women implementing fashionable bourqas to keep the tradition of not showing their hair in public.

The football spirit
Sports are also very popular among the people. Football isthe king, although it’s a fact that the country lacks infrastructure. Kids playfootball in the dirt, with balls made of cloths tied together. Nevertheless, Syria’s application for hosting the FIFA WorldCup championship in 2018 could be a chance for the country to evolve. Newstadiums offer a lot more than a good ground to play. They create thousands of new work places, both in the building and industry sections, but also in other job categories that can link themselves to this progress.

Motivation for a united country
A big question remains the political factor. Being in the middle of a storm of changes, Syria has become the last months the epicenter of the world news. The Western world wishes a change of the regime, on the footprints of the Arab spring that occurred in many other countries, while Russia, China and Iran strive to keep things as they are. Whatever happens politically the next time, the big bet is to make football unite the nation again, despite all the things that divide it. To heal whatever wounds exist, and make all the Syrians sit together to support their team.

The logo
Syria, football, FIFA, the World Cup Championship, the passion, the rivalries within global unity, the excellence, the festivity, the dreams of players, fans and entire nations… How do you translate all those components into a logo and a visual identity? It is, literally and figurately, an art. The logo of the organization integrates both the arabesque ornament sand the futuristic approach of the modern Syrian society. The Arabian geometry shows the deep roots of the country’s culture, combining elements of typical Arabian architecture, representing also the deep knowledge of algebra that the Arabs had reachedduring the middle Ages and while Europe was still in dark times. The modernl ines show the transition towards the western way of life, which still keeps though the traditions that are connected with the religion and the culture ofthe country. The colors are connected to the environment – typical middleeastern landscapes in various tones of brown and orange – but can also lead to images of different Syrian spices. In the center of the logo, the subjects that unites the pastwith the future, the tradition with the modern way. Football as a means ofconnecting the differences and creating balance, as implies the figure of thefootballer which has an inclination. The footballer is on his feet, continuing his game, trying to avoid any obstacles. This represents the Syrian society which thrives to overcome the difficulties that create tensions between the different ethnical groups and religions that live in it. Syria is not only giving its most important match to beat instability. Syria is on its road to the final, which is thepeaceful unification of the country for the common goal.