This is a university live brief. The client is a Russian company which distributes arthouse films called 'Cinema Without Limits'. The work hasn't yet been transferred to the client, so I don't know if they will display interest in my designs, but their logo and all the information has been provided by them and is used with permission.

They wanted something that would be a brave interpretation of each film, but they also requested for these to be a 'set', so that the idea could be utilised for further packages.

The basic premise in my designs is, again, interactive. Each cover has a cutout of one form or another, through which the disс can be seen. The print on the disс thus becomes part of the cover's composition. The interactive part is that the owner can rotate the disс however they want, and the image still makes sense. In fact, it invites them to rotate it!

In order to protect the disс from damage (due to it being exposed to external factors via the cutouts) i suggested replacing the classic slipcase that commonly goes along with four-panel digipaks with a transparent plastic one. Another bonus of this solution is that all the promotional info, like the sponsors' logos, can go onto there, so that a purist customer could easily take it off and enjoy the design in its purity.

Cidade de Deus digipak front&back. The grey area signifies the cutout.
Cidade de Deus digipak inside. The grey area signifies the cutout.
24 Hour Party People digipak front&back. The cutout area is within the green cog.
24 Hour Party People digipak inside. The outline signifies the cutout
Maelstrom digipak front&back. The cutout is within the wheel.
Maelstrom digipak inside. The white circle signifies the cutout.
DVD Covers