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    A digital interpretation of the text, 'The Waitress' by Jack Zipes
The Waitress - ISTD Project 2012

TheISTD brief required us to use the text of The Waitress, written by Jack Zipes,and create a publication that had the experimentation and invention of amagazine.

UsingAllen Ginsberg, a poet of the beat generation, as inspiration, the text was broughtto life in a whole new way of storytelling. Ginsberg believed that telling a storyin the way your mind works, he believed that structure took away the reality ofliterature: as real life has no structure, stories should not have it either.Stories told in this way may be indecipherable rants, but they will bevalidated by their closeness to reality. Ginsberg believed that writers werenot responsible to a structure, but first to their own reality. A good story,then, is not one that is formally executed, but one that is truthfully told.

Myaim is to make this text more real by telling it in with an intertextualapproach with the use of hyperlinks and the Internet. Selected parts of thetext are hyperlinked into a digital reality. These links will be trains ofthought that I may have had while reading the text or random pieces ofinformation I stumbled upon while Google-ing the word. I aim to follow mythoughts as far as I can - even if they are considered tangents unnecessary tothe linear plot, and with varying degrees of relevance. This approach followsthe subjective, sprawling way your mind works, forming a work that honours ourexperience of reality. The reader would be able to personalize this project byadding their own hyperlinks using the text, reflecting their own thoughts whilereading it.

Inmy design approach to this project, I experimented with a digital publication,which stayed true to my interpretation of the text, and integrates theinteractive qualities of digital magazine publications. This design piece aimsto communicate a more honest way of interpreting a piece of text. It uses thesprawling way in which the mind works as the basis of its design structure andaims to get the reader to engage and personalise the text.

Made by Mishka Naidoo

Fonts: DinPro and Adobe Caslon