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    Two books and one poster about three designers I admire. Done for a D&AD brief for the Typographic Circle/Pentagram.
Typographic Circle Publication Design
Two books and a poster about three designers

Create three publications for The Typographic Circle as a supplement to their annual magazine, Circular.
The publications must be about three designers who have given lectures for The Typographic Circle.
The only restriction is that the publications must not be a pastiche or an archive of the work of the selected designers.


This series is a collection of design experiments without the designers, but through their creative processes.

I avoided making these publications plainly about the designers themselves as I feared they would become a pastiche, or a biographical supplement. Instead, I thought about why I picked these designers and why they stood out to me. I realized that each of the designers I chose all had their own quirks, design philosophies and skills that I admired. Through my research of them, they all seemed to be a little bit strange but very honest to their creative processes and design philosophies.

As a young designer, I am always looking for advice from much more experienced creatives, trying to understand their creative processes, with the hope that maybe one day I could be as good as them. I have found that by working on projects with them and going through design and conceptual processes with them, you will learn a lot more. Creating books about a person who you’ve never met is very difficult, so I decided to follow the creative processes of the designers with the hope that I might learn something more about them and understand how they think.

The books became experiments in creative processes that were followed by the designers I chose and I began to feel that they were almost collaborations with these designers I had never met before. Through each creative process followed, I learnt different ways to challenge myself as a designer, and found different perspectives on design that I had never thought of before. Each process, being each designer, taught me different things and the processes became a tool for learning more than anything else.