11STREET, Brand eXperience Design Renewal


Brand eXperience Design Renewal

11STREET is a shopping platform that is leading domestic open market and it sells many products of various categories. It is redesigned for customer to experience effectively about 11STREET's brand identity that is redefined because of diversification of business such as life service etc., overall touch points of 11STREET including brand logo. 

Brand Renewal Concept
Not just an open market, but 11STREET aims to whole lifestyle curating shopping platform that provides a high-quality service in future. 
The old logo has a shape of sign that just means shopping street by focusing on brand name ’11STREET’, but the new logo expresses a meaning of curating service that suggests a suitable direction of shopping to each customer and a pursued image as a platform brand that includes various products and services.

Creative Director : Shin Myungsup
BX Planner : Im Taesu, Kim Minkyung, Kim Jisu
BX Designer : Lee Hyojin, Kim Yura, Dajung Hyeon

11STREET, SK Planet
UX Design Unit : Ahn Sungjoon, Lee Wonhee, Maing Heekyung, Kim Juhyo
Brand Marketing Team : Chung Hyunchong, Yang Dudo, Na Yeongsu, Chun Jihyeon

DR. Font
Creative Director : Lee Ho
Hinter : Nicolas Noh

11STREET, Brand eXperience Design Renewal