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-   This thesis presents project of the railway station in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina.This project presents a proposal for the settlement of railway station becoause it sees great potential of this objects typology, which in this age of rapid technology development, re-enters the scene as a for the inplementation of new developments.
-   The basic idea of the concept was to assume the role of visual identity of the area, where it would, by its design and dimensions, represent landmark and a new gate of the city. When designing, we have tried to establish as flexible as possible space according to principle of free plan in order to allow the possibility of transformation of the object over time. Therefore, the object is conceived as a three-part so that the border areas are not strictly defined.
By its content and morphology, the object is divided into three zones. The first zone is a public space for passengers that include waiting room, public toilets and a cafeteria. Within this area there is a shared park area that is closed. The second zone consists of rooms for employees that include offices for administration, traffic control rooms, ticket offices, employee canteen and facilities for rest. The third zone consists of communication platforms.