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Once I pondered over the origins of the replacement text widely known to people who have something to do with graphic designing, that is "Lorem ipsum...". It crossed my mind then that this text could be the autobiography of a writer named Lorem Ipsum. This has inspired me to create the paper figure presented above.
Say hello to the Professor, the greatest genius of all the scientists that are not known to anyone. He specializes in chemistry, genetic engineering and plush midgets.
Your fingers may have explored many places so far, but have they ever been inside of a footballer? If not, now's the time to do it! Fold your own footballer, goalkeeper and the goal itself. Score, defend, move your fingers!
These are some of my paper folding toys. Much more you can find at my webpage www.robotata.net. The majority of them have been designed as postcards which you can buy and fold, or send to somebody. If you would like to buy any of the toys, i will add some addresses of shops which have the assortment of those soon. Keep your ear to the ground.