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    Interior design for a clothing store
Interior design done for PRONTO

PERMODA S.A., one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Latinamerica wanted to have a makeover on two of the main brands on its portfolio. ARMI & PRONTO were the targets of this pilot, which would lead to a makeover of the principal stores across Colombia and three more countries.

Targeting young teens, college lifestyle was the desired theme. The challenge was to develop a concept that wouldn't need any mayor remodelations done to the store, since it needed to be reproduced on multiple locations. 

Using one of the biggest PRONTO stores in town as empty canvas, the use of CGI was the prefered tool to imagine, create the feel and dress the actual space with the new look. Display forniture was custom designed to produce a heavier impact along with the college theme, and Hi end motion graphics as part of the branding experience.
A wide angle perspective was created from single pictures. The store was emptied to facilitate the CGI  composition.
Three images were produced, all from the same store, carefully crafted to create a seemless composition between the exsting store and the new design.
Concept images and plans for the custom furniture were produced as design guidelines to be further replicated in several stores nation wide and in three more countries.
Gender's sections were staged through the store as part of a targeting strategy.  
Most of the existing materials in the store were recicled to meet the new requirements.
Custom graphics were designed to produce store assets such as pennants, buttons and bags used as purchase tokens, store ambience and branding strategy.
The picture above shows the overall look and feel on a finished store.

This video was made as part of a pitch package to introduce PERMODA's brands and concepts to possible inverstors in Central America. The store's format merges all the brands into one store while keeping the look and feel of each particular lifestyle.

The video has no commercial purpose and was designed exclusively to illustrate a concept . All music rights go to its rightfull owner.
 Music by: Theophilus London