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    NOOKA Re-branding NOOKA DESIGN TEAM Senior Designer: Jon Patterson Creative Director: Matthew Waldman Industrial Design: Alexander Yoo/ Michael … Read More
    NOOKA Re-branding NOOKA DESIGN TEAM Senior Designer: Jon Patterson Creative Director: Matthew Waldman Industrial Design: Alexander Yoo/ Michael Ubbesen www.nooka.com Read Less
NOOKA Re-Branding



NOOKA—Creates physical manifestations of ideas— Promotes universal communication via the form and visual language of fashion and design—Brings a techno-progressivist set of expectations to the world of ordinary objects.

We put our internal resources on the case to refine the corporate identity system to better express the above ideals of universal language via visual communications – transcending geo-political borders.
Δ Logo—
Since its launch in 2004, the Nooka logo has been increasing in boldness for reasons of legibility. Unlike most corporate logos in which the artwork needs to be legible at 25mm, the Nooka logo needs to be legible at about half that, sometimes less. The solution was two-fold. One—to increase boldness for maximum legibility both small and large sizes, and two—to simplify the letterforms to better express our ethos. Along with these changes, subtle details were also introduced to make the Nooka logotype more visually pleasing.

Aside from the increase in weight, the infinity sign remains a constant in our visual identity – representing the infinite possibilities the future has to offer. We introduced rounded corners on both the “N” and “A” to compliment this shape. The top of the “N” has a 90 degree corner that juxtaposes the round corners and calls point of entry to begin reading the logo. The simplification of the “A” by removing the cross-bar is meant to evoke a future beyond the planet earth.
Δ Brand Guidelines Poster—
In place of cumbersome guidelines, we developed a poster which can be distributed digitally as an interactive pdf and can be printed at large ISO sizes. Each image on the pdf is a direct download for all basic brand assets—such as logo, typeface, stationary—to use on their own.
*corrugated cardboard watch stand design by Michael Ubbesen
Δ Retail/Packaging—
Nooka is a global brand. Our products—through wide distribution—must maintain a consistent brand image. We eliminated our existing bulky packaging and introduced a sleek, mylar bag. These mylar bags come in three sizes—which allow universal use for a multitude of products. In addition to eliminating bulk, we stopped using acrylic stands for our watches. Instead we introduced corrugated cardboard pieces which ship flat—and fold when needed to display our watches.
Δ Stationary—
Nooka is a global brand, with a growing number of distributors, business relationships and retailers worldwide. Much thought went into how we can create a system that can function in multiple regions yet maintain Nooka identity. The solution was to stamp paper blanks which could later be customized upon requests. By pre-stamping blanks at a high number, we save time and money by having ready-made materials.

The Nooka system is created of paper stock with our logo stamped in silver foil. The branded stock allows us to create any changes that occur with moving, adding people, different office locations, etc. Communications can then be printed, either digitally or by offset, by following our templates to ensure brand consistency. Like the letterhead, Stamped blanks allow for later customization for our distributors worldwide. This truly universal system allows full customization while maintaining a global identity.
Δ Internal Documents—
Being that Nooka describes it’s working area as a LAB, an internal system was needed to keep consistency as well as create an aesthetic that represents this cconcept. In keeping with efficiency, a grid system was developed which allows easy customization to a wide-array of medias that are requested. These documents are for internal use and distributors, yet allow for a consistent brand aesthetic throughout.
Δ Application—
The Nooka logo will be applied to all new products with sizes ranging from the micro to macro.

© 2011 NOOKA Inc.
All Rights Reserved

△ The story of NOOKA
Shot on a 5d and Zazza Slider—this is the story of Nooka—a New York based futurist brand. Founded by artist/designer Matthew Waldman, the ethos of Nooka is universal communication,which guides the creation of products with enhanced functionality that engage the mind as well as the body—mindstyle™.
Most prominently known for its line of timepieces, Nooka has expanded their range, creating a
Mindstyle™ brand with the addition of innovative accessories and a fragrance.

Direction/Editing: Jon Patterson
Filming: Patrick Phillips
Soundtrack: Com Truise