Empória Branding

Empória’s new visual identity is deeply connected to it´s own corporate purpose. Under it´s powerful brand promise "To help our clients sell more or better" a unique communication ecosystem was created. The following presentation will showcase the creation process behind this change. Due to it´s rapid growth, Empória's earlier visual identity quickly became outdated, not able to represent the current company state.

At the core of the brand identity, the Flag stands for "positioning". It is a powerful symbol that can be either used on the logo or stand alone.

The final composition integrates a minimalist Flag with the monogram E and B, from Empória Branding.  

Design: Thales Lucas Duarte, Dácio Alexandrino, João Vitor Severo, Fernando Martins, Mauro Fabian, Maria Luiza Pickler, Patrícia Mendes, Diego Piovesan
Client: Empória Branding

Criciúma, SC — Brazil

12nd Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial — Branding and Identity category, 2017. 

Empória Branding